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Drop Everything! We Got Us a SALE!


Yeppers, only $1.99 for a couple of weeks, all e-formats—what’s not to love?

DoL bed sale promo 2

Oh Well Now! Sale Sale Sale!


It’s official: Down on Love, the first in my small-town rom-com Marsden series, is on sale for $1.99 (I do believe that’s what’s often called “chump change”!) at all e-book outlets: Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Kobo, and iTunes!

If you like amusing stories about second chances at love, peppered with crazy friends and relatives and eccentric busybody neighbors, this is the book for you!

“So go get it!” – Audrey II

#ChickLitLove, Day 4: It’s All About the Besties


CLLIt’s a week of #ChickLitLove for the ChickLitChat authors!

Today is Galentine’s Day (thanks, Parks and Recreation!)—a day to recognize female friends. But I kind of want to call it Palentine’s Day, because sometimes a girl’s bestie is a guy. (And sometimes the guy doesn’t even want to sleep with her, nor she him.) So here’s to pals!

And be sure to follow the hashtag #ChickLitLove on Twitter for other great posts today! Tomorrow: Attack of the Graphics on Twitter! Stay tuned!

And if you haven’t heard, Down on Love is on sale (!) right now (!) for only $1.99 at B&N, Kobo, and iTunes!

Book: By Design
Main character: Emmie Brewster
Emmie’s Pals

  • Trish, bestie since middle school
    Nook coverBestie Boost: Provides ready supply of wine, sympathy, and advice when Emmie is distraught over her love life or career; also Trish’s family (husband, two sons) provide perspective (that having a husband and family doesn’t guarantee bliss, but instead instills a different type of chaos)
    Sample advice: “Emmie, my darling, there’s something you’ve never understood about life. If you don’t like something, don’t put up with it—throw it out!
  • Avery, misguided blind date who became gay bestie instead
    Bestie Boost: Another shoulder to cry on; love life serves as a reminder that Emmie should be trying to have way more fun than she is; lingerie fashion advisor
    Sample advice: “If you don’t at least try on a leopard-print bra, the terrorists win.” Read the rest of this entry

Well, This Is Serendipitous!


Down On Love new cover seriesWho knew? Just in time for #ChickLitLove Valentine’s Week festivities (see my most recent blog posts), my latest rom com, Down on Love, is ON SALE for $1.99 at Barnes and Noble, Kobo, and iTunes!

So if any of my chit-chat about Georgiana Down and her once-high-school-crush, now very real adult temptation, Casey Bowen, has intrigued you, now’s the time to grab it!