Something Wot I Made


Oh noes I’ve discovered Pinterest. Ruuunnnnn! Run, before I pin again!

But while you’re here, g’head and check out my board for By Design. I usually operate back-asswards, so I didn’t use it to collect ideas for the book—I kept those in my head as I was writing—instead, I put it together afterward, just for fun. I’ve got some pics of celebs who kind of look like some of my characters, as well as some of the houses that play such a big part in the plot.

Although By Design isn’t out for a few more weeks yet, I’ll be really interested in hearing from readers later whether they pictured the elements and characters of the book the same way I did, or totally differently.

So okay, here’s my first foray into Pinterest. I have a sneaking suspicion it’s not going to be my last…


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