Braindead Barbie Dolls in Love


EBAbadge_125_zpscfaa8da1“Babe, that one was righteous.”

“Chasen . . .” I ventured.

He barely glanced up. “Oh, hey, Faith. ’Sup?”

“Did Evie just send you a photo of herself?”

He grinned. “Yeah! So cool. Now it’s my turn.” And he held out his phone at arm’s length and struck the round-shouldered pose so popular with chiseled male models these days—one that made them look vaguely Neanderthal . . . 

“You’re . . . sending each other sexy photos . . . even though you’re . . . in the next room?”

Chasen broke his pose. “Cool, right?”

Got another excerpt from Unscripted up at Everything Books and Authors, today’s stop on my Chick Lit Plus blog tour! I had waaayy too much fun writing about a pair of Hollywood-type “beautiful people” with cotton candy for brains. Go git it!


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