#ChickLitLove, Day 4: It’s All About the Besties


CLLIt’s a week of #ChickLitLove for the ChickLitChat authors!

Today is Galentine’s Day (thanks, Parks and Recreation!)—a day to recognize female friends. But I kind of want to call it Palentine’s Day, because sometimes a girl’s bestie is a guy. (And sometimes the guy doesn’t even want to sleep with her, nor she him.) So here’s to pals!

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Book: By Design
Main character: Emmie Brewster
Emmie’s Pals

  • Trish, bestie since middle school
    Nook coverBestie Boost: Provides ready supply of wine, sympathy, and advice when Emmie is distraught over her love life or career; also Trish’s family (husband, two sons) provide perspective (that having a husband and family doesn’t guarantee bliss, but instead instills a different type of chaos)
    Sample advice: “Emmie, my darling, there’s something you’ve never understood about life. If you don’t like something, don’t put up with it—throw it out!
  • Avery, misguided blind date who became gay bestie instead
    Bestie Boost: Another shoulder to cry on; love life serves as a reminder that Emmie should be trying to have way more fun than she is; lingerie fashion advisor
    Sample advice: “If you don’t at least try on a leopard-print bra, the terrorists win.”
  • Annette, fellow high school alum, new loyal buddy after reconnecting at a party
    Bestie Boost: Unflagging optimism; also supplies plenty of enthusiastic (and loud) word of mouth about Emmie’s talents as an interior designer to get her jobs
    Sample advice: “You do have a lot to learn about being a ruthless businessperson, I’ll give you that. First you poach John’s other unhappy customers, of course! Heck, they’ll probably be as relieved as I am to have somebody competent take over.”

How they’d celebrate Galentine’s Day: Plenty of wine and lots of laughs

~ ♥ ~

Book: Unscripted
Main character: Faith Sinclair
Faith’s Pals:

  • unscrcoverJaya, producer on Faith’s TV show
    Bestie Boost: Wine and cupcake supplier; gossip partner; takes over exec producing tasks when Faith is fired and retains Faith’s vision for the show
    Sample advice: “Baby, please. That’s the good-sex downpour after a mighty long drought talking. Nothing more. Don’t make it more.”
  • Jamie, Faith’s stepbrother
    Bestie Boost: Comic relief, reminding Faith not to take life so seriously; also ruins her house and her credit rating, providing constant lesson not to stress over material things, as they’re all temporary anyway
    Sample advice: “Don’t you have any proper bread ’round here? This is all…healthy, innit? Little…chunks and shards of things sticking out of it. I’m afraid it’s going to cut the insides of my cheeks. Anyway, some nice, smooth, white bread is the only thing that works in a jam sandwich.

How they’d celebrate Galentine’s Day: Wine, cupcakes, and much smutty talk

~ ♥ ~

Book: Down on Love
Main character: Georgiana “George” Down
George’s Pals:

  • Down On Love new cover seriesSera, George’s sister
    Bestie Boost: Kick in the rear when George needs it; calls things as she sees ’em, no matter how painful; also…family (in spite of their quirks, rivalries, and contentious history)
    Sample advice: Classic baby of the family—allowed to do whatever you wanted, with no consequences. Well, I don’t have to protect you from yourself anymore. Make your own damned mistakes.”
  • Jaz, Sera’s wife
    Bestie Boost: Tempers Sara’s moods (as well as George’s); tries her best to get George laid…er, hook her up with the man of her dreams
    Sample advice: “George is a slave to her art form. She isn’t allowed to get a boyfriend. Can you get laid, at least? This might be the perfect time. You know what they say—just when you stop looking …”
  • Celia, George’s love interest’s ex-girlfriend (from high school)
    Bestie Boost: One of the only level-headed people George knows—that counts for a lot
    Sample advice:
     “Talking to Lester just reminded me how few really good guys there are in the world. Lord knows my ex wasn’t one, either. But Casey is.”

How they’d celebrate Galentine’s Day: Pie and bickering (except Celia, who would indulge in the pie, but not the bickering)

~ ♥ ~

Book: Picture This
Main character: Celia Marshall

Hey! I didn’t authorize…you know what? Forget it. This sucker keeps creeping in every damned day, no matter what I say. So I give up. Enjoy the teasers!

Celia’s Pals:

  • PTGeorgiana “George” Down, knew Celia a little in high school
    Bestie Boost: Has the “edge” that Celia lacks; was Celia’s role model that encouraged her to leave their small hometown for a new life in a big city
    Sample advice: “Well, it’s the biggest bedroom, with the nicest view, so now it’s the bridal suite. And, for now, the celebrity suite. It’s got a really nice king-size bed. Plenty of room. I won’t say anything if we end up with an extra guest some night.”
  • Holly, Celia’s grandmother
    Bestie Boost: Provides more than a little insanity on a daily basis; convinces Celia to think and dream bigger—and lighten up
    Sample advice: “[You moved to New York City] because you needed something you couldn’t get here. Doesn’t mean there’s anything wrong with you….Don’t let yourself dry up. Use your talents. Or they will dry up. And then you’ll have nothing. That’s what you need to worry about, not why you couldn’t live the same life as some of your friends.”

How they’d celebrate Galentine’s Day: Pie and margaritas (or scotch for Holly); Holly would try to get Celia to do something daring like skydiving or streaking, which Celia would, of course, refuse


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