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Seven “Very Inspiring” Tidbits


7 things logoI’ve been tagged by the wonderful author Tracy Krimmer to participate in the Very Inspiring Blogger Award/Tour! That means I get to share seven interesting things you might not know about me. At least, I hope they’re interesting.

But, you know, while authors put all sorts of exciting adventures in their books, in reality they’re sitting around in their pajamas with their hair sticking up in all directions, drinking coffee and freaking out about their sales numbers and whether anybody’s going to notice how badly spackled-over that most recent gaping plot hole is.

Still, this is my best effort. If these facts are boring as *#&!, give me a verbal smack upside the head in the comments, and I’ll try to come up with truly intriguing bits of information, okay? Okay. Here we go… Read the rest of this entry


New Book Release: Madness Takes Its Toll


Picture This (eBook)Here we go again. In just about four weeks, my fourth book will be released. It’s called Picture This, and it’s the second in my small-town rom com series, following Down on Love, which came out last November. When I wrote Down on Love, I didn’t think of it as anything more than a standalone. After I turned in the final draft, my editor at Kensington asked if I would make it a series, with one of the minor characters— Celia Marshall, the hero’s ex-girlfriend—as the main character.

Oh dear. Read the rest of this entry

My Writing Process…Can Be Ugly, But Good Stuff Comes Out of It


Hey, you’ve gotta break a few eggs to make that fabulous flan, right? Okay, I might be kidding myself, but that’s my theory on why my messy process actually produces books. In any case, welcome to the Writing Process Blog Hop! I was tagged by Lori Schafer last week (read her entry here) and I’ll tag another author at the end of this post.

Want to know how and why I write? Put on your gaiters and let’s wade in! Read the rest of this entry

Ermagherd! A “Best of” List and One of My Heroes Is on It!


Unscripted high resOh, I’m just herp-derping all over the place right about now. WordCat created a “best beta heroes” list and included my sexy professor, Mason Mitchell, from Unscripted! Can we all say “squee,” kids?

Seriously, I often feel like poor shaggy-haired, sick-heroine-tending, grilled-cheese-making Mason gets overlooked in my…oeuvre (should I have included a pretension alert before I used that word? oh well—too late), so it’s wonderful to see one of my favorite heroes get some love.

If you like beta heroes as much as I do, head on over to WordCat’s blog! And if you want to check out Unscripted, go here!

I’m Hopping on a Blog Hop!


congalineThis is the thing: Writers? We write. All the time. Even when we’re not writing our novels, we’re yammering in print about our novels, or about life in general, or about whatever strikes our fancy.

And blog hops are catnip to us. We can never resist a good blog hop; we grab on like we’re latching onto the end of the conga line as it passes our table at a boring wedding.

This is the one I’m going to be boogying to shortly: my writing process. Tagged by Lori Schafer (see her post about her writing process today!) Tagging Seth Herman in my blog post on June 23. I…koff…was supposed to tag three people but I can’t find anyone else! If you’re an author and you want in, give me a shout and I’ll add you.

Drop Everything! We Got Us a SALE!


Yeppers, only $1.99 for a couple of weeks, all e-formats—what’s not to love?

DoL bed sale promo 2

Juliette Cross’ Cover Reveal: Forged in Fire


Now THAT is a cover! Check out the funky-cool, oh-so-moody cover for my agency sistah’s new book, Forged in Fire, publishing January 15, 2015! Read the rest of this entry