Seven “Very Inspiring” Tidbits


7 things logoI’ve been tagged by the wonderful author Tracy Krimmer to participate in the Very Inspiring Blogger Award/Tour! That means I get to share seven interesting things you might not know about me. At least, I hope they’re interesting.

But, you know, while authors put all sorts of exciting adventures in their books, in reality they’re sitting around in their pajamas with their hair sticking up in all directions, drinking coffee and freaking out about their sales numbers and whether anybody’s going to notice how badly spackled-over that most recent gaping plot hole is.

Still, this is my best effort. If these facts are boring as *#&!, give me a verbal smack upside the head in the comments, and I’ll try to come up with truly intriguing bits of information, okay? Okay. Here we go…

1) I was a late-in-life baby, born to “older” parents (mom was 39 and dad was 41) who grew up during the Depression. I think this has always made me more practical than my peers. Can’t quite say “conservative,” because I am so not that.

wg2) I have always been a writer, but when I was in my twenties I toyed with the idea of being 1) a singer, 2) an actor, 3) an archaeologist. I still ham it up whenever I can, but I’ve never volunteered to participate in an archaeological dig. I gave up archaeology when I realized I was supposed to assume that almost everything any ancient civilization did was for procreative purposes or increasing the food supply, and anything that doesn’t fit into either category should be classified under “religious/fertility rituals.” Hogwash, I say. I think our forbears actually had fun once in a while. And I’ll bet anything the Willendorf Goddess is actually Prehistoric Pagan Pocket Porn™.

3) I was terrified of drowning when I was little, for no reason. I mean, it’s not like I had a close call or anything. The fear of water was with me for as far back as I could remember. I was even afraid of drowning in three inches of water in the bathtub. I never “went swimming;” instead, I did nothing but cling to the side of any pool till I was 7. Then my phobia left me, in a blink, never to return. You could say it…evaporated. Geddit? (You may now groan and throw tomatoes.)

4) I was voted shyest person in the eighth grade. I changed.

5) I was tone deaf until I was 12; then, suddenly, I had a singing voice. I considered it a miracle. I found out years later that girls’ voices also change during puberty, just not as drastically as boys’. I still consider it a miracle, because my voice could have remained flat as a pancake even after it changed. But it didn’t.

woah6) I have an innate spelling ability. I shoulda competed in spelling bees. Actually, I did compete in one, in fourth grade. I tanked on “orchestra”—not because I didn’t know how to spell it, but because I was so eager to get to the “ch” before I screwed it up, I forgot the “r.” Dang it—fame and fortune derailed by one letter. Anyway, I automatically spell everything correctly without having to make an effort. Except for the word “whoa.” I always spell it “woah” (I blame Bill and Ted), much to my copyeditors’ consternation. (For the record, I didn’t have to look up “consternation.”)

7) I don’t remember half of what I write in my books. When I go back and read them later, I have no idea where some of the stuff came from, especially the cleverer bits. In fact, I just discovered a connection between a childhood flashback scene in Down on Love, the first in my small-town rom com series, and one of the characters’ memories in Picture This, the second in the series. I did not plan it, and yet it dovetailed perfectly. Cue Twilight Zone music.

Time to tag seven more authors! Zoinks I hope they haven’t done this already! Glynis Astie, S.E. Babin, Georgina Troy, Cat LavoieStephanie Haefner, Tracie Banister, Isabella Anderson!

Da rules: Post the logo, link back to your tagger (c’est moi), list your seven things! Go!


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