(Blog) Tour of Marsden! Let’s Get This Show on the Road!


Marsden signIt’s time! My (Blog) Tour of Marsden starts today! Yaayyyy! First stop is Ripe for Reader, a kickass romance blog hosted by the fabulous Margreet. So head on over there, show Ripe for Reader some love, and maybe leave a comment whydoncha? (They never call, they never write…)

Down On Love new cover seriesSee you on the bus! And don’t forget that Down on Love is on sale—99 cents!—for the entire month! All e-formats—check it out.

The Full Schedule

Monday, 10/13 – Ripe for Reader
Tuesday, 10/14 – Forever Yours
Wednesday, 10/15 – Tome Tender
Thursday, 10/16 – Ficwishes
Friday, 10/17 – Kathryn Biel
Monday, 10/20 – Glynis Astie
Tuesday, 10/21 – 1 Rad Reader
Wednesday, 10/22 – CJ Burright
Thursday, 10/23 – Royal Social Media
Friday, 10/24 – Hello Precious Bliss


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