(Blog) Tour of Marsden, Day 8: Mashup City (Literally!)


Marsden sign

Hey, sorry about that little glitch yesterday. If you were looking for the blog tour, we were on the side of the road with a flat tire. But we’re all good now! Let’s roll on through the home stretch of our (Blog) Tour of Marsden, NY, this time with a stop at my agency sister CJ Burright’s blog, for a little inside information: where, exactly, the town of Marsden came from. It may be fictional, but it has its roots in a lot of really great—and real—New York towns.

If you want to find out more about the mashup I created (so much better than a Frankenstein monster, I promise!), check out Down on Love for only 99 cents, all e-formats, all month long!

Down On Love new cover seriesThe Full Schedule

Monday, 10/13 – Ripe for Reader
Tuesday, 10/14 – Forever Yours
Wednesday, 10/15 – Tome Tender
Thursday, 10/16 – FicWishes
Friday, 10/17 – Kathryn Biel
Monday, 10/20 – Glynis Astie
Wednesday, 10/22 – CJ Burright
Thursday, 10/23 – Royal Social Media
Friday, 10/24 – Hello Precious Bliss



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