(Blog) Tour of Marsden, Day 10: Heading Home!


Marsden sign
Aww the (Blog) Tour of Marsden is coming to a close! But what a way to go—I’m over at Hello Precious Bliss talking about small towns on TV and in movies! Got a favorite? Hop on over and share! And while you’re there, check out another excerpt from Down on Love, the first in my small-town rom com series.

townThanks SO much to everyone for joining me on this fabulous tour! Before leaving the bus for the last time, please check your area to make sure you’ve got all your belongings. I think this bus is going to the garage for a nice long rest and a tuneup!

Don’t forget—the blog tour might be ending today, but Down on Love will be on sale for 99 cents, all e-formats, for the rest of this month! Grab it cheap while you can!

Down On Love new cover seriesThe Full Schedule

Monday, 10/13 – Ripe for Reader
Tuesday, 10/14 – Forever Yours
Wednesday, 10/15 – Tome Tender
Thursday, 10/16 – FicWishes
Friday, 10/17 – Kathryn Biel
Monday, 10/20 – Glynis Astie
Wednesday, 10/22 – CJ Burright
Thursday, 10/23 – Royal Social Media
Friday, 10/24 – Hello Precious Bliss




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