#ChickLitMay Book Boyfriend Blog Hop


Welcome to the #ChickLitMay Book Boyfriend Blog Hop, brought to you by Chick Lit Chat, where you get to vote for your favorite book boyfriend—not just for fun, but for PRIZES! (Woop woop!) Details later. Let’s talk about book boyfriends first!

UPDATE: We have winners! More woop!



The winner of our grand prize, a Kindle Paperwhite and 30 ebooks, is Kathy Davis! Congrats, Kathy! And the winner of the book boyfriend competition is Arlen Black from Geralyn Corcillo’s Queen of the Universe. Congrats to Arlen and Geralyn!

The contest may be over, but be sure to bookmark the blogs listed below, where you can get all the news about the latest romcom and chick lit releases!

Your New Best FriendFictional romance hotties: We love them, we crave them. They’re all different, but they have one thing in common: They’re so wonderful, they make us wish they were our real-life boyfriends.

I hereby nominate Connacht (Conn) Garvey, the hero of my sixth romcom, Your New Best Friend, as a candidate for our election, and he’d love your vote. I’ll let him explain why he’d make a great book boyfriend. Take it away, Conn!

Wait. I’m a candidate for what? Uh…I mean, I’m flattered, and thanks for the nomination, but come on, now.

Okay, apparently I’m not being let off the hook. My friend Melanie has decided I have to do this. She won’t—ow!—stop poking me in the side till I make a little speech, so—ow!—here goes.

Uh, well, my name is Connacht Garvey. Connacht’s a family name; I go by Conn for short. I’m in my mid-thirties, divorced, no kids yet, but someday soon, I hope. I’ve lived in Abbott’s Bay, Massachusetts, on the North Shore, for most of my life, and I’m the owner of Deep Brew C, a coffeehouse/bar/restaurant that’s all about sustainability as well as great food and coffee. My best friend is Melanie Abbott. M and I have known each other since we were kids. She really helped me recover when I was in a dark place after my divorce, and I’m grateful to her for that. She can seem flighty and impulsive, and when she gets that way I try to keep her grounded and protect her. She has such a good heart—

Conn’s feline overlord, Harvey Garvey

Aaannd apparently I’m not supposed to be talking about her. Okay, what else…I live in the house I grew up in. I share it with my cat, Harvey. Well, he owns the place, and I’m allowed to stay there as well, since I have the opposable thumbs that allow me to open the cans of cat food. But I love the grumpy old guy. M says my house is dated and nasty, and I suppose she’s entitled to her opinion, being a real estate agent and all, but it’s fine for me, plus it’s right on the beach—

I’ve just been informed I’m not talking about myself again. *sigh* M says I have to talk about what I look like, which is just…no. And no, I’m not giving my bicep measurement! What the…? Now M is saying if I don’t talk about my looks, she’s going to post a photo of someone I resemble. Fine. I have to get going anyway—it’s time to prep for the lunch rush. So…vote for me, or vote for some other guy who’s a way better candidate. Vote your conscience or your hormones—can you tell I don’t know how any of this works?—just have a good time!

Okaaayy, thank you, Conn, for your ringing self-endorsement—

Hi. Melanie Abbott here. Look, I know that Conn seems sort of reluctant to participate in this, so I just want to say, in his defense, that he’s an AMAZING guy. Not for me, you understand, but for some really worthy woman. He has gone through a rough patch recently, but he’s the nicest, most mature, most level-headed guy I know, and he deserves a little happiness. Plus he’s super hot! Sure, sometimes he can be as grouchy as his cat, and he has a tendency to get all up in my business, but I know he means well. I just ignore his warnings and do whatever I want anyway. I mean, most of the time it turns out he was right all along, but we’re not going to talk about that, are we? Instead, here’s the photo I promised. He looks a little bit like this guy…

Chris who? Never heard of him.

So! Vote for my buddy Conn. He’s really the best. If he weren’t my best friend, I’d seriously want a piece of that. But that’d just be weird, right? Of course it would be.

Oy vey. They exhaust me, but they seem to be enjoying themselves most of the time. Anyway, make a note of CONNACHT GARVEY, and collect all the candidates’ names from the blog hop stops (see the list below) and send them to our CLC Queen Bee Tracie Banister (traciebanister@gmail.com), along with your vote for your favorite book boyfriend, and you’ll be entered in our GRAND PRIZE GIVEAWAY (contest open internationally) of a Kindle Paperwhite, plus digital copies of 30 books, one from each author participating in the hop! Can’t beat that! I’ll be giving away a copy of Your New Best Friend (read more about it here), which will appear in the winner’s e-reader when it’s published this July.

Entries for the contest will be accepted until midnight EDT Sunday, May 21. A winner will be chosen on Monday, May 22.

Blog Hop Stops

Note: Photo of Chris Pratt shamelessly boosted from TheOdysseyOnline.com that probably shamelessly boosted it from some other site. Naturally I claim no credit for the pic—I just wanted a nice image of CP to accompany this blog post.

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