My sixth romcom, Your New Best Friend releases TOMORROW (or, you know, today…or whenever you see this).

You have an earworm to end all earworms now, don’t you? Yeah, me too.

Your New Best FriendMore specifically, it publishes Tuesday, July 25! W00t! You can get your copy at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Kobo, iTunes, and Smashwords (book details and buy links also here).

In the meantime, I’ve got previews, I’ve got interviews—check ’em out!

Gemma Halliday Publishing – excerpt

“Hey, I had the weirdest dream last night.” I wait. The noise dies away, but he doesn’t ask for details. I end up watching the broad expanse of his back as he pares a bit of lemon rind. I clear my throat, subtly. Nothing. I clear my throat a little less subtly.

“Coming down with a cold?” How the guy’s voice can be smooth and rumbly all at the same time is a mystery, but there it is.

“Oh, good. You’re still able to talk. I thought maybe Harvey had taken the whole cat-got-your-tongue thing literally.”

“Harvey’s too old to make that kind of an effort, and you know it.” He turns around with a genuine smile. Even a mention of his geriatric feline best bud gets him all mushy. The softie.

“Do you want to hear about my dream or not?”

“Not.” [read the rest]

A Little Bit Tart, A Little Bit Sweet – excerpt

“I think this side business of yours is getting to you,” Conn says as he finally pours my glass of wine.

“We’ve had this conversation already. I told you, I’m fine.” Never mind that I contradict my words by grabbing the wine he hands me and chugging it like it’s Gatorade.

“You’re toting around a taxidermied, recently deceased ferret.”

“Shhh. Reginald is very sensitive about his current state. And where’s his glass of wine?”

“We don’t serve his kind here. If you want two drinks, say so.” [read the rest]

USA Today Happy Ever After – excerpt


The single icy drop on the small of my back should have been a clue. And the shadow that’s suddenly blotting out the sun. But it’s Conn’s distinctive baritone, amusedly asking, “What’s this, now?” that finally gets me to realize the last person I want to hear me asking about his money issues is standing over me.

I roll over and go up on my elbows just in time to get dripped on twice more, once on my stomach, once at the top of my cleavage. “Where did you come from?” I squeak, feeling the cold droplet slide down between my breasts.

Conn raises an eyebrow. It is a stupid question, considering he’s wearing a red swimsuit and is soaked from head to foot, sporting a layer of wet sand from his calves to his toes. I should change the conversation, but honestly, now that I’m looking up at him, I can’t even make a sound, let alone form words. [read the rest]

Eternal Scribbler – interview

What have you enjoyed most about writing this manuscript?

I used to hate the idea of Austen adaptations, until I got the idea for Your new Best Friend. I really enjoyed Americanizing and modernizing Emma, walking that fine line between making her spoiled/rude and lovable. I also enjoyed traveling to Rockport, Mass., for research. I’d been to Rockport years ago, but I wanted to refresh my memory, because I thought basing a town on Rockport would be fun. It’s a great place. [read the rest]

Chick Lit Central – interview

Tell us about a time you experienced buyer’s remorse:

I’ve bought quite a few things that I’ve regretted, I admit. Let’s just say the clothes in the clearance section of the Sundance Catalog are there for a reason, mmmkay? Most recently…probably the fidget spinner I bought my son.

See you on the other side! Tomorrow!

…Not this guy.


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