So I’ve Got This Newsletter…


Yeah, yeah, all right already. Resistance is futile. I caved. I became Borg. I now have a newsletter.

Now I can share news and fun stuff like trivia, sales alerts, contests, and new release info with you by torpedoing it right into your inbox! How convenient is that! SO convenient! But you can’t get my scintillating missives unless you sign up, so here’s the linkie.

I promise I won’t ask you for your lifeblood or anything else essential to your existence, I won’t waste your time with spammage and nonsense, and I’ll only send out a newsletter occasionally—like, not so often that you want to take out a hit on me, but often enough that you won’t get a newsletter and immediately think “Who is this crazy person and why am I getting her newsletter (and where’s the unsubscribe link)?”

Sound good? If the answer is yes, sign on up today! See you out in newsletter land!


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