Who Wants Cupcakes?


Yes! I knew you did! And if you said no…I don’t believe you. Admit it…to the great intertubes, to yourself, to the cupcakes. You know you want ’em. And I know where you can get some…fo’ free!

In honor of Valentine’s Day—and to recognize the best of chick lit—Chick Lit Chat HQ is hosting the Sweet Treats and Yummy Reads Hop over on Facebook on Monday and Tuesday, February 12 and 13. If you participated in CLCHQ’s Holly Jolly Chick Lit Hop at Christmas, you know what I’m talking about—we chick lit authors know how to partay (and give away loot). We’re doing more of that, only with hearts this time! You can enter all sorts of chick lit-y swag, as well as the grand prize, a six of Wicked Good Cupcakes! I mean…look at them! Looook!

You know you want ’em. So go get ’em! Go to the hop Facebook page and join anytime, then visit Monday and Tuesday to enter all the giveaways, chat with authors, bloggers, and general lovers of chick lit, and have an all-around good time. See you there!


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