I Said a Hip Hop…The Hip Hip Hop…


Sorry about the earworm! But I always say what’s mine is yours, and I had it first. I must share! Anyway, I’m hopping in to let you know there’s a hippie-to-the-hip-hip Happily Ever After Hop going on over at Chick Lit Chat HQ on Facebook! In other words, there is loot, people, and lots of it. You must visit!

Royal kitten approves.

Why are we having a hip hip hop in May? Because it’s International Chick Lit Month, of course! And the royal wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle (w00t!) is happening on the 19th. And because we love to give away cool stuff as frequently as possible, so we use any and all excuses!

If you’ve got your royal soulmate but remember the adventures of having to kiss a lot of frogs first, or if you’re still puckering up to those beauties with hope in your heart, this hop is for you! We have tons of swag from dozens of chick lit and romcom writers (moi included, of course)—great books and fun prizes—as well as six (!) $25 Amazon gift cards to give away, and a super-duper grand prize of royal proportions valued at $155! What more could a princess ask for?!

Yeah, okay, Prince Charming too. I get that. But at some point a princess has gotta adjust that tiara and take matters into her own hands. The good news is the goodies in the grand prize box will get you feeling your royal-est (there just might be a bona fide tiara in there…okay, yeah, there’s a tiara), and we all know it’s how you feel inside that counts, right? Right!

So how can you say no to this hop? Answer: you can’t! Go join up now, and visit the Happily Ever After Hop page all week to enter to win all kinds of prizes. My day is on Tuesday, but there are so many places to hop to all week, you’ll want to visit often! See you over there, where we’ll rock it to the bang bang boogie, say up jump the boogie to the rhythm of the boogie, the beat…Don’t be late!


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