Oh, It’s a Busy Valentine’s Day!


Definitely a busy Valentine’s Day…for romcom writers, that is. And—oh hey, lookit that—I happen to be one! So get on in here and get the rundown!

First of all, this little baby right here is on sale for 99 cents! Wowsers! If you like romantic comedies, Jane Austen homages (this one’s based on Emma), snarky heroines, hot-as-you-know-what heroes, and recently deceased ferrets named Reginald (I can say no more), Your New Best Friend is the one for you!

Your New Best Friend

On sale! 99 cents!

It’s got a Publishers Weekly starred review (!) and was a finalist in last year’s RWA Contemporary Romance Authors’ Stiletto Contest. I mean, that’s a lotta bang for one-penny-short-of-a-buck. Limited time, so get on that as soon as you can. All ebook outlets. Linkies here.

kensington books

Also on sale! $1.99 each!

Next, literally all my other books are also on sale! Just $1.99 gets you any (or, hey, you know, *koff* all) of my other books: By Design, Unscripted, and my Marsden trilogy, Down on Love, Picture This, and Lucky for You. “Something for everyone” doesn’t even begin to describe it. Go here for the details and links for those.

Hearts and Flowers Hop

Win stuff! So much winning!

AND! If you head on over to Facebook, Chick Lit Chat HQ is having one heck of a Valentine’s Day hop, as we tend to do this time of year. It runs all week—my day is Saturday—and we’re giving away a CRAZY HUGE number of prizes. Go there now! Go! Go! Don’t wait!

And don’t forget to have a fabulous Valentine’s Day. May you be showered with tons of chocolate and booze if you choose and love of all sorts! Mwah!


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