Well, Hello There! And So This Happened


Hi, everyone! Sorry I’ve been AWOL. Busy…OMG nearly a year. Cripes. ANYway, in the middle of all the craziness, this happened…

Mid-Michigan RWA Best Banter Contest Awards

Yep, that’s me, proud to place in the Mid-Michigan RWA Best Banter Contest! It was a ton of fun, and the folks involved were super nice.

Now, you might notice that I won for a story called Husband Material. But wait, you say, that’s not one of my romcoms. Well…

…it is now! Or, rather, will be soon! Yep, it’s my brand-new novel, freshly pressed, if not off the presses yet.

So if you like a sweet, smart, caring main character and a goofy but earnest (if misguided, but he comes around—hey, I guarantee HEAs every time) hero in a reverse Pygmalion story with, apparently, lots of great banter, stay tuned! I’m hoping to have good news about Husband Material soon!


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