Look Who’s Back!


I’m so excited! My last published book, Your New Best Friend, has been AWOL for several months, but it’s back, baby! And you can get it for Kindle/KDP on June 4. It’s up for preorder right now! See what I mean? Excited!

If you hadn’t heard me go bonkers about YNBF before, here are the deets: It’s a modern-day adaptation of Jane Austen’s Emma, but with a twist. I don’t do straight-up retellings, because I respect Austen too much to do that to her. I mean, how can any romance author measure up, really?

But when you meet Melanie Abbott (M.A.—geddit?), you’ll recognize a lot about her character that will remind you of Austen’s beloved Emma. Melanie lives in Abbott’s Bay, a town on the North Shore of Massachusetts that her ancestor founded, so of course she lords it over the other residents (but, you know, in a well-meaning, cute way). Mr. Knightley is now Connacht Garvey (so named because “knight” used to be sort of pronounced “conn-ih-gutt”), a grumpy-sexy coffeehouse owner. He doesn’t have a manor house or horses, but he does have a beach house and an equally grumpy cat named Harvey.

Yes, Harvey Garvey. I could not resist.

Anyway, in true Emma fashion, Conn tries to keep Melanie on the straight and narrow, with hit-or-miss results, but it all comes right in the end.

I’m especially proud of this book, my sixth, because it not only got a starred review in Publishers Weekly, but also was a finalist in the RWA Contemporary Romance Writers Stiletto Contest.

I hope you like it too! Go here for more information and a link to the ‘Zon. Don’t forget, May is International Chick Lit Month, so what better time to pick up this little beauty?

Also, you can sign up for my newsletter to receive all the latest updates. I’ve got two more books I’m rereleasing, with new covers, in the next couple of months, and you don’t want to miss those!


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