Hey Now, What’s Old Is New Again!


Gather ’round, kids—it’s story time! Once upon a time, in another world, Jayne quit her full-time associate editor job at a university to become a stay-at-home mom. She did some freelance editing and writing, but when her main clients folded, she wasn’t sure she’d be able to rebuild and carry on. Some weird guy, now known as the wasband, made a suggestion.

“Why don’t you take a weekend, write a bunch of romances, get ’em published, and make a million bucks?”

Dear reader, he was serious.

Cf: “wasband.”

However, I will give the weird wasband props for getting me to thinking that I should finally write a book with the intent to get it published. I’d written stories before, but not with an eye toward the commercial market. What would I write about? I read lots of recently released romances to see what was of interest to publishers, and developed a lot of opinions about what I liked to read and what I’d like to write.

The main thing, I decided, was that if I was going to have to spend months writing tens of thousands of words about these characters, they’d darn well better make me laugh. And my fledgling romcom-writer career was born.

I was so excited to publish By Design, my very first, in 2013. And now it seems so long ago! But time means nothing in the world of publishing, because there are these little things like rights reversions and contract dissolutions and self-publishing and…lo, here it is again!

I am proud to announce that my debut novel from back when I was a wee baby author has been republished, this time by me! And what a cute new cover, no?

So if you like a hapless heroine who decides it’s well past time to get her life in order and start kicking some tail, By Design is for you. Emmie is an interior designer and a sweetie, but her life is kind of off the rails, with a mean boss, a sketchy boyfriend, and a self-absorbed parent. Good thing she has friends to support her while she tries to turn her life around…not to mention that hottie architect, Graham, who for some reason believes in her more than she believes in herself. Read more here, purchase on Kindle or Kindle Unlimited here!



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