Virtual Beach Trip: Safer and Cheaper!


Trying times, my friends. Trying times. Has your vacation been postponed? Are you stuck in the house with screaming kids? (Wait—is that you screaming instead?) Well, fear not. I have the perfect, inexpensive escape for you!

What if I told you I knew of a way you could take a trip to a gorgeous beach? And what if I told you it was covid free, guaranteed? AND what if I told you that this entire trip would only cost you 99 cents?

Well, it’s real, my friends! And it’s called YOUR NEW BEST FRIEND, on sale for 99 cents!

Ah, I shoulda been a carnival barker.

I keed. But I am most certainly not kidding about my Emma-inspired romcom being on sale for Kindle (it’s on Kindle Unlimited too), because it most certainly is! For a limited time, 99 cents gets you a trip to Abbott’s Bay, a lovely little beach town on the North Shore of Massachusetts, where the women are feisty, the men are hunky, and love is in the air.

Check it out before the sale goes poof! It’s a little like this…

And don’t forget my very first romcom, BY DESIGN, is available again, with a cute new cover!

AND my very second romcom, UNSCRIPTED, is up for preorder—with, yes, another adorbs new cover!—and will be available July 30!


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