Oh, We’re Rockin’ Now!


Let’s rock ‘n’ roll, kiddies! I’ve got two major publishing milestones happening to-day, and I can’t wait to tell you all about them!

What’s going on? Well, I’ll tell you!

If you’ve been following along at home, you know that my modern Emma homage, Your New Best Friend, republished at the beginning of June.

And my very first book ever, By Design, republished—with a cute new cover!—shortly after that.

Now I’m adding a third romcom to the mix! Unscripted, my second book ever, is rereleasing today! And do you love that cover, or do you love that cover? (There is only one correct answer. I hope you know that.)

What’s Unscripted about? It’s the story of Faith Sinclair, a Hollywood powerhouse. Daughter of one of the movie industry’s first—and now legendary—female producers, Faith has forged her own way in entertainment, creating one of the most popular dramas on network TV. But when she has a run-in with the studio head…and, er, grabs him by a very private part of his anatomy (just to make a point, you understand, about how certain bits don’t automatically make a person more important), she’s on the trash heap like yesterday’s sushi.

Faith has a plan to get her show back, though (she always has a plan): lure Alex, her former leading man, back to the fold. His movie career fizzled, so why not? But it’s not that simple. Alex is hiding out, attending college, and a surprisingly sexy immovable object known as Professor Mason Mitchell, head of the theater and film studies department, is intent on protecting Alex’s privacy while he studies.

Immovable object, meet unstoppable force known as Faith. Let the games begin.

Sound good? Well, you can get it for Kindle (and Kindle Unlimited) today!

On top of that, By Design is on sale for 99 cents for a limited time!

I know! I’m out of control!

So rock ‘n’ roll over to the ‘Zon and get yourself some great beach reads to get you through the rest of the summer!

Look at these pretties all lined up—you’d think I planned this or something. 😁

99 cents!

New rerelease today!

Included just because I like to see them all together!











Now, take us home, Mick, with some good old-fashioned chicken dancing! Rock ‘n’ roll!


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