You Have GOT To See This New Cover!


A is for awesomeOkay, so remember, like a couple of months ago when I republished my three standalone romcoms with brand-spankin’-new covers? Yeah, that was awesome. Well, I’m doing more!

Next up: my small-town series! Welcome to Marsden, fellow babies—I have three reissues coming, all with such pretty new covers! In fact, the first book, Down on Love, is up for preorder on Amazon right now. And look at that cover! I mean, I just want to hug it. Granted, I’m a little biased, but I think it rocks! The story inside ain’t half bad either.

Down on LoveWhat’s Down on Love about? Here’s a little description and a little excerpt:

Georgiana Down, recently escaped from a toxic relationship, is rebuilding her life one blog post—and one pie—at a time. Her blog, Down on Love, gives gloves-off relationship advice, mostly along the lines of “dump him (or her).” The pies are, you know, personal therapy. Her life takes a turn when her sister Sera convinces her to return to Marsden, her small hometown in New York State’s Catskill Mountains—a place George swore she’d never go back to. But family ties are strong, so back she goes…and promptly runs into her high school crush, Casey Bowen…in the worst way possible:

“Get everything for dinner?”

“Yes, ma’am.” George plopped onto the step next to Sera, chucked Amelia under the chin, wiped up a random rope of drool dampening the baby’s face. While she was drying her hand on her shorts, George finally noticed the noises coming from inside the house. “What’s going on? Jaz made a miraculous recovery and suddenly took up home renovation?”

Sera struggled to her feet as Amelia wiggled to get out of her arms and into George’s. “Not quite. You can act all smug now—the kitchen sink went kablooey.”

“You mean just as I predicted days ago? Incredible! I’m psychic. I should pick lottery numbers.”

“Yes, please do.”

“You mean because now we have to pay the plumber?” George asked, following her inside.


“Just please tell me you aren’t still using that awful guy Dad always called. What was his name? Oh yeah—Steve. Good ol’ Steverino the Wonder Plumber. He couldn’t tell his sewer snake from his trouser snake,” she declared, oblivious to the legs sticking out from under the sink that may very well have belonged to said Wonder Plumber.

“George!” Sera reprimanded her sister.

“What part of what I said is not true?” she shot back as she flung the grocery bags onto the counter. Then she gasped and scrambled as a can of beans rolled out of one of the bags. She made a valiant grab for it, but she never was good at fielding. She bobbled the can, and it went even farther than it would have on its own—straight into the worst possible spot for a metal can to hit a man.

George froze in horror as the accidental missile landed with an unholy thud. A mighty, muffled “Whuffff!” came from inside the cabinet, and the legs curled up and to the side, the can rolling away lazily into a puddle of water. A strangled voice squeaked, “Mother—”

“Baby nearby!” Sera snapped.


George started to rush to the man she feared she’d just castrated, but stopped short to mouth Mother Russia? at Sera. Her sister shrugged. George crouched down by the fetally positioned plumber. “Are you all right?”


“What am I saying? Of course you’re not all right.”


“Can you move? Can you get up?”

“Gimme a minute,” he whispered, every syllable tight with pain.

George looked up at Sera. “Ice pack?”

Her sister reached into the freezer and tossed George a bag of frozen peas.

“I just bought these two days ago!” George protested.

“I think he needs them more than we do right about now!”

George held them out. “Uh…should I…?”

“Put them in his hand!”

“His hand is otherwise occupied,” she hissed.

George held the bag of peas above the area in peril as she nervously turned it one way, then another, trying to figure out what to do with it. Then he moved his hand out from between his legs, and George grabbed the opportunity to push the bag onto the spot at the base of his zipper.

“Not—” Sera started to shout, but it was too late. His legs convulsed again.

“Stop…helping,” he choked out.

“Good grief, George, just step back!” Sera cried.

“Fine!” George jumped up and raked rigid fingers through her hair at her temples. “I’m sorry! I—”

Jaz appeared in the doorway with Amelia. “What is going on?” she demanded, as Sera relieved her of the newly calmed, but shirtless baby.

The plumber held up his free hand abruptly—George was grateful to see he wasn’t wielding a wrench or other object that could be used as a weapon—stopping everything in the room. The women waited, silently shooting each other accusing glares.

After a minute or two, there were signs of life. The plumber inched out of the cabinet, then got to his feet—gingerly, stiffly, and with his back still a bit hunched. He peered up at George with a feeble smile. “Nice way to say hi, Goose.”

George could feel the blood drain from her face. “Ho-ly s—”

Sera cleared her throat loudly.

“—Swiss cheese.”

It was Casey. Casey Bowen. In her house. Well, her old house. Whatever—not the point. He was here. Just like when they’d been in high school together, and he’d been part of Sera’s circle of friends. And he looked…the same, unfortunately. Unfortunately because the way he looked—from his dense, nearly black hair (still sticking up, as always, as if it had never made the acquaintance of a brush) to his bottle-green eyes to his height and slight-but-muscular breadth that had made him ideal for both the basketball and the soccer teams—always undid her.

And he had hardly changed one iota, except…there was more. More of him, but not in an “Oh wow, he really let himself go” way. No, just the opposite: more muscles, more eye twinkles, more…presence. Just more of everything that had made him irresistible to her years ago. It was as if he was magnified into someone even more…Casey-ish. And that made her forget how to speak. Just like back in high school.

Sera filled the sudden silence. “George, you remember Casey, right?”

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