And We’re Walking, We’re Walking…Please Stay With The Group…

$8 squirrel restaurant, apparently

All right, first of all, I need to get one thing out of the way: We have brazen fluffy-tailed rodents in my neighborhood. As you might know if you’ve been reading my blog regularly, I’ve had a love–hate relationship with squirrels. But this is beyond the pale! That pumpkin was carefully chosen as this year’s future jack-o’-lantern. Now I’m going to have to buy a replacement from…the supermarket. Shudder. As a dyed-in-the-wool fall-loving Northeasterner, I am rife with indignation. Purchasing a pumpkin from the supermarket, even if it is Wegmans, is a travesty. The pumpkin patch trip is sacred, and I have had my pilgrimage snatched from my grasp by little clawed hands! Harumph.

Anyway. Moving on.

I’ve been a little remiss with my blog, mainly because I’m wrestling with squirrels—ahem—but I wanted to check in to let you know that Rereleaseapalooza is coming along nicely! I now have five books back out in the wild (okay, on Amazon—Kindle Unlimited as well as for sale): By Design, Unscripted, Your New Best Friend, and the first two books in my Welcome to Marsden small-town series, Down on Love and Picture This. Next up: Welcome to Marsden book three, Lucky for You, which is available for preorder right now! Read all about them—and find links to purchase—over here on my books page.

This past summer and fall have been pretty darn busy (even without pillaging squirrels), and I have even more plans for the new year! So be sure to catch up on all the rereleases, coo over the pretty new covers, and I’ll see you back here soon!


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