The Rom-Com Agenda Is Here!


Rom-Com Agenda_hyphen addedIt’s here, it’s here, it’s finally here! My seventh rom-com is out in the wild as of today—digital, print, audio, all of it! It’s a sweet romance that’s an homage to all our favorite rom-com movies…well, as many as I could squeeze into the book, anyway!What’s it about? Lemme tell ya…

When Leah’s foster mom dies, she finds herself alone in a cute little town in the North Country of New York State. She has no friends, and her former foster brother is about to sell the house out from under her. She starts working as many jobs as she can to save up money to leave. Then she meets Eli. Eli had inadvisably proposed to his girlfriend several months before, and Leah had been an unwilling witness to the failed event. Now, while Victoria is off on sabbatical in Italy, Eli decides to win her back. Eli’s friends think he’s making a mistake, but they say that if that’s what he really wants, they’ll help. They plan a makeover to make the high-class Victoria swoon…and that involves making Eli watch classic rom-coms to learn how to be a romantic hero. Leah gets pulled into the plan and ends up being Eli’s movie-watching buddy. Will Eli win Victoria back? Will Leah leave town or stay? Will Eli ever wake TF up and see Leah’s the perfect woman for him? Oh, come on, you know what happens next. But that’s what makes THE ROM-COM AGENDA a rom-com, after all!

If you’re into it, go git it—it’s available in bookstores, in stores with book departments next to the dogfood aisle, and on all the usual digital platforms!

In the meantime, check out this five-star review, a little Q&A, and a chance to win a copy of the book over at Chick Lit Central!


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