Jayne_DenkerHi and thanks for visiting my blog! I’m glad you stopped by! Hoping to have new posts up frequently, but…well…you know how it is. But I’ll do my best!

Important professional stuff: I’ve been a writer all my life, even—gasp!—getting paid for it, sometimes even—double gasp!—in full-time jobs. I’ve also worked as an editor and proofreader, which makes my novels, if nothing else, very clean. Of course, in publishing terms that means very few grammatical, spelling, and punctuation errors, but it is tempting to legally change my name to Paul’s Grandfather. (Obscure reference clarification here.)

After I quit my last full-time job to stay home and raise my son, some weird guy now known as the wasband said I should “knock out a few dozen romance novels over a couple of weekends” to get filthy rich. Hah! Funny guy. In a misguided kind of way. Still, the idea of getting back to writing fiction after many years in the nonfiction biz was intriguing, so I joined NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) and jumped right in. Overnight success took three and a half years.

And of course I’ve got no guarantee of that success thing, overnight or not, even with six romcoms out there in the, er, bookosphere (?)—By Design; Unscripted; my small-town Marsden series Down on Love, Picture This, and Lucky for You; and Your New Best Friend. And I may have another small-town series on the way. Okay. I do. First book done, working on the second, noodling with plot bunnies for the third. But more about that later.

Oh! Hey! Let me help you find my books with this handy-dandy linkie page right here!

Important personal stuff: I divide my time between working hard to bring the funny in my romantic comedies, raising a son who’s way too clever for his own good, and wrangling two demented (but in a good way) felines. When I’m not hard at work on another novel (or, rather, when I should be hard at work on another novel), I can usually be found frittering away stupid amounts of time on social media. Check in with me on Facebook (“Jayne Denker Author”), Twitter (@JDenkerAuthor), and Instagram (@JayneDenkerAuthor). You can also drop me an e-mail (Jayne.Denker@gmail.com) anytime—I’d love to hear from you. And stop by and say hey on my Goodreads page!


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    • Hi Helen! Thanks so much–glad you liked it! Yeah, definitely a non-NYC New Yorker! My second book takes place in California, but my third (and, fingers crossed, fourth) will be back in New York, in the Catskills. Love New York State! 🙂

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