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I’m Not Crying, You’re…Okay, It’s Me; I’ll Admit It


*taps mic, waits for feedback to die out* Hello? Is this thing on? Anybody still with me? Hellooooo there! Yes, it’s me! Ms AWOL! She Who Hasn’t Posted A Blog Entry Since 2021! How y’all doing? Are you surprised I’m still here? Yeah, so am I, not gonna lie. And yet here I am! I want to talk about why I’m crying…and then I’ll share some news. Hang on—not just “news,” but NEWS! So let’s get to it, shall we?

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My sixth romcom, Your New Best Friend releases TOMORROW (or, you know, today…or whenever you see this).

You have an earworm to end all earworms now, don’t you? Yeah, me too.

Your New Best FriendMore specifically, it publishes Tuesday, July 25! W00t! You can get your copy at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Kobo, iTunes, and Smashwords (book details and buy links also here).

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Hey! What Are You Doing Tomorrow Evening?


Picture This (eBook)Busy tomorrow—that’s Thursday, July 17? Because I’ve got a little sumpin’ going on you  might be interested in. Read the rest of this entry

Okay, to business!


Well, lookit that—it’s my first official blog post! Isn’t that exciting!

Okay, it’s not up there with skydiving, but it’s a bit of an accomplishment, all things considered.

Anyway, welcome to my “official author blog”. Like it says on my “About” page, I write contemporary romances, the first of which, By Design, will be published by Kensington in May 2013.

I hope you’ll visit often—I’m going to try to post frequently (why yes, I am an optimist—how did you guess?), and when I have more news about my novel, I’ll shout it from the rooftops here, on Facebook, and (if I remember I have an account) on Twitter. Like the munchkins always say, “follow, follow, follow”! Er, please. (I can haz manners?) 🙂