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Five Stars from Fab Fan Fic!


DoL cover smallFab Fantasy Fiction says, “How could I not love Down on Love?” Well all rightie then! Sharin’ the love…check out the wonderful review! Thanks, FFF!


Is It November Yet?

Is It November Yet?

I never thought I’d say this, but I can’t wait for November to get here. What? Bypass October in all its Northeastern multihued glory? Skip the trip to the pumpkin patch? the falling leaves? the mayhem that is trick-or-treating in my village (a 15-bags-of-candy-night at minimum)? a whole month’s worth of pumpkin spice lattes?

Well, yeah…except maybe the pumpkin spice lattes. But no, even those. Because my third book, Down on Love, comes out November 21. I’m so excited for this release, especially because over the past couple of weeks my small-town rom com has gotten some really nice advance reviews. Check ’em:

Tome Tender (4 out of 5 stars): “[The small town of] Marsden puts the ‘M’ in meddling. [A] fabulously funny, heart warming story with characters that you want to call friends.”

StarAngel (4 1/2 out of 5 stars): “What a wonderful heartfelt story….I never wanted this book to end because there were so many ‘Ahhh’ moments.”

The Chiq Blog* (5 out of 5 stars): “Fantabulous!…Read this book now!”

* Chiquita also graced me with my first animated GIF in a review—eeee! And the GIF was from Friends! Double plus good!

Anyway, I realize November 21 is quite a long way away, but if you’re so inclined, there’s always the magic of preordering…! Links are here for your ebook of choice. In the meantime, I’ll be over here, under a blazing orange tree and a brilliant blue sky, guzzling a pumpkin spice latte and marking the days off on the calendar… 🙂

A Lovely Review of Unscripted


unscrcoverLori over at FicWishes calls Unscripted “irreverent, unpredictable, and just what I needed.” Four out of five stars!

Well, thanks, Lori! 🙂

Head on over and give her blog-with-the-fun-name (I swear, I want cookies called FicWishes!) some lurrrve, won’t you?

And be sure to pick up Unscripted at your favorite e-retailer. Preorder now, or grab it when it publishes on August 1!

Exciting! 4.5 Rating from Tome Tender for Unscripted!


Heyyy look at that—Tome Tender gives Unscripted a 4.5 out of 5 and calls it “a very funny, very sweet story” and “a completely enchanting, entertaining and wonderful read.” Beth writes, “It had me laughing out loud and rooting for the quirky Faith till the end” and, really, that’s the highest praise of all, because it’s all I want my books to do—inspire a few laughs.

Thanks, Beth at Tome Tender!

If I haven’t mentioned it yet (ahem!), Unscripted publishes August 1. You can get it at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and iTunes. So please do!

ChickLit Plus gives By Design 4 stars!


Nook coverPlanning on doing some relaxing this summer? Want something to read while you veg out?

Sara from ChickLit Plus gives By Design 4 stars and says it’s “a quick paced story that reads very easily” and “would make a great read lounging pool side.”

So go git it!


Barnes and Noble

Also on iTunes!

‘Ripe for Reader’ Blog Likes Unscripted


So my first novel, By Design, has been out for exactly one month and one day. It’s been exciting and crazy and and and NEVERMINDHERECOMESTHESECONDBOOK!

Yep, it’s true—just when I thought I could sit back and enjoy the release of my first book, I realized it’s time to start thinking about the release of my second, Unscripted, which publishes August 1. Well alllllrightiethen! Gawrsh, it’s like sending all your kids off to school one after the other.

unscrcoverUnscripted is up on NetGalley for advance reviews, and the Ripe for Reader blog has already hit that—and they liked it! I’m so glad, because I had a great time writing Unscripted.

For those of you who’ve asked—no, these books are not a series, but instead are standalone stories, mainly because after I finish writing one book, I have an overwhelming urge to write something that’s the exact opposite—in mood, character, plot, what have you. F’r instance, in this case, as much as I loved dear, sweet, insecure, neurotic Emmie from By Design, after I told her story, I started to get the itch to write a take-no-prisoners strong heroine.

That’d be Faith Sinclair, powerhouse producer of the popular TV show Modern Women. She’s got the world by the balls—in more ways than one (ahem)—until she loses her job and has to move heaven and earth to get it back. Luckily she’s got the temperament to do just that—and enough extra energy to fall for a hot college professor at the same time.

I shall say no more at the moment. While we wait for Unscripted to hit the ebookshelves, go check out the review, won’t you? 🙂

“Just a Thought” Likes By Design


Four out of five hearts for By Design! “The banter is hilarious…[it] made the book.” Thanks, Tina from Just a Thought…!

Full review here.

ChickLit Club Likes By Design


So one of my favorite chick lit sites, Chick Lit Club, reviewed By Design, and they liked it! They called it “a great book” and said it was “well worth a read,” and gave it 7 out of 10 stars. (For the record, it was one of my favorite chick lit sites before they said they liked my book!)

Don’t forget–By Design publishes this Thursday, May 16–eeee! 🙂