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Romance Is Easy; Comedy Is Hard!


mamajHey! I’ve got a guest blog post up at Jenni’s place, Jennifer Joyce Writes, about the joys (and perils and pitfalls) of writing romantic comedies. Be sure to stop by and check it out!

ChickLit Plus gives By Design 4 stars!


Nook coverPlanning on doing some relaxing this summer? Want something to read while you veg out?

Sara from ChickLit Plus gives By Design 4 stars and says it’s “a quick paced story that reads very easily” and “would make a great read lounging pool side.”

So go git it!


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Also on iTunes!

‘Ripe for Reader’ Blog Likes Unscripted


So my first novel, By Design, has been out for exactly one month and one day. It’s been exciting and crazy and and and NEVERMINDHERECOMESTHESECONDBOOK!

Yep, it’s true—just when I thought I could sit back and enjoy the release of my first book, I realized it’s time to start thinking about the release of my second, Unscripted, which publishes August 1. Well alllllrightiethen! Gawrsh, it’s like sending all your kids off to school one after the other.

unscrcoverUnscripted is up on NetGalley for advance reviews, and the Ripe for Reader blog has already hit that—and they liked it! I’m so glad, because I had a great time writing Unscripted.

For those of you who’ve asked—no, these books are not a series, but instead are standalone stories, mainly because after I finish writing one book, I have an overwhelming urge to write something that’s the exact opposite—in mood, character, plot, what have you. F’r instance, in this case, as much as I loved dear, sweet, insecure, neurotic Emmie from By Design, after I told her story, I started to get the itch to write a take-no-prisoners strong heroine.

That’d be Faith Sinclair, powerhouse producer of the popular TV show Modern Women. She’s got the world by the balls—in more ways than one (ahem)—until she loses her job and has to move heaven and earth to get it back. Luckily she’s got the temperament to do just that—and enough extra energy to fall for a hot college professor at the same time.

I shall say no more at the moment. While we wait for Unscripted to hit the ebookshelves, go check out the review, won’t you? 🙂

“Just a Thought” Likes By Design


Four out of five hearts for By Design! “The banter is hilarious…[it] made the book.” Thanks, Tina from Just a Thought…!

Full review here.



No, not trousers. Although trousers are good too.

Today I’m the guest blogger at Suzanne Van Rooyen’s site. She’s my agent-sister—we’re both represented by Jordy Albert of the Booker Albert Literary Agency—and she’s got a cool blog with all sorts of great posts.

My entry is “In Defense of Pantsers”—those writers who tend to fly by the seat of their pants when they write (ah! the name!), as opposed to plotters, who map out their whole story ahead of time. I deeply respect plotters and wish I could be more like them, but I am an inveterate pantser. I cannot deny it. So instead, I blogged about it.

Stop by and share your thoughts—are you a plotter or a pantser? The debate rages on, but surely we can happily coexist!

There Is Only One Correct Answer


A quick analysis of reading requirements. There is only one correct answer. New Book Flowchart

And—gasp!—I have a great idea! (Yeah, you saw this coming.) How about a happy little romantic comedy for a few larfs? You know you want to!

Get By Design on Amazon!

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Have you already bought it? I love you! Have you finished reading it? Rate it on Amazon or B&N—I will buy you expensive gifts!*

*Not really—sorry. I’m a starving writer—what do you expect?

Almost Missed This!


Not a review, but By Design is in a romance-book roundup on USA Today (scroll down about halfway). How nice! 🙂


ChickLit Club Likes By Design


So one of my favorite chick lit sites, Chick Lit Club, reviewed By Design, and they liked it! They called it “a great book” and said it was “well worth a read,” and gave it 7 out of 10 stars. (For the record, it was one of my favorite chick lit sites before they said they liked my book!)

Don’t forget–By Design publishes this Thursday, May 16–eeee! 🙂

A Little Bit o’ By Design on Chick Lit Plus


What’s the easiest–and yet worst–way possible to bring down a plaster wall? Hop on over to Chick Lit Plus for an excerpt from By Design (not the excerpt in a previous blog post, a different one–more of the story! wewt!) to find out!

By Design Excerpt on Chick Lit Plus