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Fugitives from the Library


libraryI love Julie Valerie’s topic for her blog hop this month. Libraries! Avid writers/readers like me are passionate about libraries! And I’ll bet anything we have similar warm memories of the place—devouring everything in the juvenile section, from Go Dog Go to Judy Blume; discovering our genre of choice that we actually ended up writing as adults, like romance or mystery; meeting our friends there; spending rainy afternoons wandering through the stacks. We can all expound on the feeling of being surrounded by thousands of volumes, the smell of old books, the crinkling sound of the clear plastic covers protecting the hardbacks, the nice (or mean) librarian who always seemed to be behind the counter, the thunk of the card reader.

So, to avoid repeating a tale every library lover knows by heart, I’ll tell you about the time I became a fugitive from a library. In a foreign country. Read the rest of this entry


(Blog) Tour of Marsden, Day 6: The Catskills!


Marsden sign

Well, now! The (Blog) Tour of Marsden is rolling into its second week! Today I’m dropping in on my bud and fellow author Glynis Astie’s blog, where I’m talking about the beautiful Catskill Mountains, a region of central New York State that’s near and dear to my heart—and the setting for my small-town rom com series. There’s a lot more to it than Dirty Dancing, so head on over to Glynis’ blog to find out more!

Plus there just might be an excerpt from Down on Love, which (ahem—by the way) you can pick up for only 99 cents, all e-formats, all month long! See you over there!

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