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Last Stop on the Blog Tour Partay Bus!


mrsmommy“And then there was the time I nearly gave up writing fiction altogether…”

What happened? Head on over to Mrs. Mommy Booknerd to find out. It’s the last stop on my Chick Lit Plus blog tour for Unscripted. I had an absolute blast, and I hope you had a chance to check out all my guest posts, reviews, and excerpts over the past couple of weeks. If not, go here for a list of all my stops.

Thanks, Chick Lit Plus! It was great! 🙂


Braindead Barbie Dolls in Love


EBAbadge_125_zpscfaa8da1“Babe, that one was righteous.”

“Chasen . . .” I ventured.

He barely glanced up. “Oh, hey, Faith. ’Sup?”

“Did Evie just send you a photo of herself?”

He grinned. “Yeah! So cool. Now it’s my turn.” And he held out his phone at arm’s length and struck the round-shouldered pose so popular with chiseled male models these days—one that made them look vaguely Neanderthal . . . 

“You’re . . . sending each other sexy photos . . . even though you’re . . . in the next room?”

Chasen broke his pose. “Cool, right?”

Got another excerpt from Unscripted up at Everything Books and Authors, today’s stop on my Chick Lit Plus blog tour! I had waaayy too much fun writing about a pair of Hollywood-type “beautiful people” with cotton candy for brains. Go git it!

Ai Loves…Unscripted!


unscrcover smallIt’s four stars from Ai Love Books for Unscripted! “I was hooked with Unscripted from the very beginning.” Thanks, Nash! 🙂

Plus we did a lovely Q&A, wherein I share the most sexist insult I ever received. Well, it may not have been the most insulting, but it sure stuck with me the longest (since college!) Find out what it is, and other nifty tidbits about Unscripted at today’s Chick Lit Plus blog tour stop!

Double Blog Tour Stops Today!


unscrcover smallIt’s true—I’m doing double duty on my Chick Lit Plus blog tour for Unscripted today! Yay!

First up, over at Change the Word, my guest post is all about my Writing Scarf (TM)! What’s that? Only my most secretest weapon in the war to make words. I can’t write without it.

Next, there’s a primo excerpt from Unscripted at Chick Lit Goddess. Check it out!

Thanks so much for having me, ladies! 🙂

Hey Now–Amie’s Reviews Likes Unscripted!


AmiesReviewsWell isn’t that nice! Amie’s Reviews calls Unscripted “A fun and sassy read…my favorite kind of story.” Thanks, Amie! 🙂

Check out the full review here!

Details, Details!


Physical description? Of course. Type of home? Okay. Designer clothes/shoes/handbag preference? Yeah yeah sure sure. But you can also say a whole lot about a character by carefully choosing what make and model cars they drive! No, really! Get the details in my guest post at Brooke Blogs, today’s Chick Lit Plus blog tour stop for Unscripted!

How’s About an Excerpt?


BSButtonWant to read more of Unscripted? Head on over to Book Suburbia, today’s stop on my Chick Lit Plus blog tour, and find out why main character Faith challenges hero Mason, “Threaten to sic your rent-a-cops on me all you want. I’ve had worse.”

On with the Blog Tour!


OMCHappy November, happy Monday (glurgh), and on with the Chick Lit Plus blog tour for Unscripted! Today I’m visiting One More Chapter, with an interview (what’s my motivation to write? um, deadlines? and WTF is a platypire?) and a primo excerpt with much kissy-face. (Why yes, I am about 7 years old sometimes; why do you ask?) Enjoy!



nanoDid you know I started writing my first novel as part of National Novel Writing Month? It’s true! Was it a magical experience? Oh, hell no! But it worked!

I’m over at Julie Valerie’s blog on day 4 of my Chick Lit Plus blog tour for Unscripted talking about what my first NaNo experience was like. Plus there’s an excerpt from Unscripted! Bonus!

Give Her Space, and She Will Yammer


BlueMilltagI’ve gotta say, A Blue Million Books blog is mighty generous. They’re my host for the third stop on my blog tour today (Wednesday) with Chick Lit Plus Blog Tours, and they’ve given me enough real estate for an interview, a guest post, and an excerpt from Unscripted. Wow!

So if you’re curious to know why the main character is named Faith Sinclair (there is a reason!) and what her name was originally (and why I had to change it), or if you want to read an excerpt featuring surly TV studio gate guard, Bea, head on over!

Thanks “a million”, Blue Million!